Billboard Advertising Services We Offers in Calicut, Kerala

Outdoor advertising agency works with the marketing and advertising department to make sure brand deliverables are taken care of. We work with our client in close co-ordination so we can deliver the best result


Billboards are large format outdoor advertising. It is a great way to reach masses especially to reach where they live, work and socialize. Its huge size is the biggest advantage which can leave People with a lasting impression in thir mind


Unipole billboards are large format billboards that are placed on top of
very high poles. Their effectiveness is proven to show significant results because of their long distance visibility. The distinguishable
rectangular shape of a unipole gives advertisers the opportunity to be
creative and to enhance the content of their message.

Bus shelter

A good bus shelter is an essential part of any successful urban mass-transit system. What constitutes “good,” however, depends upon your point of view. From the perspective of the city agency that is responsible for its management, a good shelter is one that has low maintenance requirements and is vandal-resistant.


It is very important for advertising mediums to stand out from the environment in order to catch the public’s eye.  Kiosk branding can be very advantageous for any brand if carried out carefully and strategically. These small yet conspicuous ads are very effective in getting the attention of the passers-by and increasing brand awareness among them.

Acrylic letter Sign board

Acrylic letter Sign board is very popular and attractive to all people & new way to promote your business. Typically Used for shops and major companies . Acrylic letter Sign board can easily recognise people who use the roads to travel within the city or rural areas

Mobile Van Advertising

Through Mobile Van Advertising in India, you can take your Brand to the locals, and even to the suburbs and rural areas where no other advertising media can reach.

Glow Sign board

Glow Sign board- the most efficient an d impressionable way of advertising . Sign board Advertising comprises of putting up small and large compact advertising boards on Metro station , building blocks and road side.

Vehicle branding

Vehicle branding is the most effective and affordable way of advertising. The digitally printed vinyl vehicle wraps turn your vehicle into an advertising machine. Vehicle branding is a great and cost-effective way to create a huge impact on thousands of your potential customers every day.